Welcome to BabaBlue Designs by Barbara Cianos

Honor Your Being and the Environment.
Adorn yourself with Sustainable Art.

Barbara Cianos, Artist

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Barbara has embraced the transformation of her environment into an area of multicultural diversity. Barbara believes in the respect and importance of the environment, of cultures and of the past. Her One-Of-A-kind Jewelry pieces embody these aspects.

Barbara has been designing and making jewelry throughout her life. She has been a Sustainable artist from the start, long before it became popular. Her jewelry pieces combine antique, vintage, rare and unusual components. Exquisite and natural stones, antique ivory and wood, crystals, antique glass and ceramic all enhance each piece of BabaBlue Jewelry. She is known for her use of color and texture. Sterling silver, copper, brass 14kt and 18kt gold are the metals used in her jewelry pieces. Barbara's keen eye and her design ability are well known. Her sophisticated and elegant creativity are evident in each piece of BabaBlue Jewelry. Barbara's following is loyal and the anticipation of each new collection is awaited with excitement.

BabaBlue Jewelry is today's approach for the contemporary woman to feel exquisite and special while adorning herself in jewelry that celebrates t